I never knew that North Goa was such an escort haven until I met this chick with long hair there – An Italian Gentleman

Many of may think that premium porn is not a thing anymore because of the free porn available everywhere but you are wrong, the premium porn industry is still a growing one and more affluent, classy and high profile women are choosing this adult profession for themselves than ever before.

I wasn’t aware of this fact myself until I met this beautiful and high class escort in Candolim, North Goa, India. She was more elegant than any escort I ever fucked in my life. The best thing about her were her long wavy hair that covered all of her delicious ass. It looked to me like that the ass came as a surprise gift when I undressed her.

I booked her for an entire night and while it cost me quite a lot of money, it was really worth it. She gave me a bodyrub before sucking me and whereas I am a guy that normally lasts an hour, I ended up cumming inside her mouth in the first few minutes and she giggled like it was nothing. I believe that each of the guy she meets, ends up cumming so soon just like I did, but that wasn’t a problem as I booked her for an entire night and I had the option to fuck her as many times as possible for me.

It took me about 25 minutes to get hard again and this time I straight away landed up inside her front door and it looked like she was completely in a state of shock with this action of mine. This time, I managed to last for a nice 40 minutes and it appeared like she was loving it as well and as hell.

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