I never knew that North Goa was such an escort haven until I met this chick with long hair there – An Italian Gentleman

Many of may think that premium porn is not a thing anymore because of the free porn available everywhere but you are wrong, the premium porn industry is still a growing one and more affluent, classy and high profile women are choosing this adult profession for themselves than ever before.

I wasn’t aware of this fact myself until I met this beautiful and high class escort in Candolim, North Goa, India. She was more elegant than any escort I ever fucked in my life. The best thing about her were her long wavy hair that covered all of her delicious ass. It looked to me like that the ass came as a surprise gift when I undressed her.

I booked her for an entire night and while it cost me quite a lot of money, it was really worth it. She gave me a bodyrub before sucking me and whereas I am a guy that normally lasts an hour, I ended up cumming inside her mouth in the first few minutes and she giggled like it was nothing. I believe that each of the guy she meets, ends up cumming so soon just like I did, but that wasn’t a problem as I booked her for an entire night and I had the option to fuck her as many times as possible for me.

It took me about 25 minutes to get hard again and this time I straight away landed up inside her front door and it looked like she was completely in a state of shock with this action of mine. This time, I managed to last for a nice 40 minutes and it appeared like she was loving it as well and as hell.

Never miss your chance to hire a loving, caring, warm, friendly and intelligent female escort

I have a weakness that I get uncontrollably horny after having some red bulls or wine and I have another bigger weakness that neither can I resist women nor can I resist red bulls and wine.

There is a notion that is being spread lately by the feminists that married men are generally useless in bed that having sex with one woman regularly makes a man useless in bed in the long run which I quite do not agree with as I have the first hand knowledge in extreme depth about this topic. It is quite right that a man cannot get as hard and excited for the same woman in the long run but the same man when gets exposed to a woman that he has never been with gets super-excited and super-hard. If you don’t believe me then just hire some top-notch escorts and see it for yourself.

I know some men that cannot get hard after some booze; My advice to such men is that they should try hiring some of the best female escorts available for rent in the city that they are in rather than making love to their same old boring wife or girlfriend and see how it goes. The problem is not the booze but the same old boobs, let me tell you.

I remember how back in the day a large percentage of high-tech men used to use Orkut as their PlentyOfFish or Tinder. Using Orkut as PlentyOfFish or Tinder had its own fun but still escort sites combined were far more popular than the Orkut even back in that day.

I personally love warm, caring and friendly women and that’s the reason why I hire nothing but busty women. I am telling you that women that look like the popular Mexican pornstar – Nicky Ferrari are the warmest, extremely caring and friendly. Don’t miss your chance ever to hire an escort that looks just like Nicky Ferrari whenever you get it and no matter how much does it cost you.

Written by a gentleman that I became good friends with on Reddit.

Hiring expert and quality Goa strippers was never so easy, affordable and fun before

“People are never satisfied if they have a little, they want more and if they have a lot, they still want more, you know what I am talking about. Unless you have a disease or something.

I was recently in Panaji, Goa for my cousin’s wedding where they arranged a ladies night on the Saturday and a gentlemen’s night on the Sunday.

Both ladies and gentlemen enjoyed each of the nights thoroughly and couldn’t thank the provider – GoaEscortss enough for it.

I personally believe that posture is the most overlooked thing for the strippers but hire strippers from GoaEscortss and they really look for each and every feature in their strippers and I have never seen better organized, better looking, better well-mannered strippers with great etiquettes in my life.

About the ladies night, that was something that I never even saw in a movie. These handsome, tall, strong and fit male strippers really made the ladies stay up all night chatting away what they liked, whom they liked the most and why.

My wife was also there in the ladies party and she told me that one of the male strippers had SAGE written in capital letters on his underwear and his equipment was clearly visible through his underwear and he was definitely not a sage, the ladies were quite sure of that.

There is a common belief that strippers and poles are inseparable but these GoaEscortss proved them all wrong.

One friend once told me that men look sexier and more attractive to women overall after they have had a couple of beers and the women after they have had some champagne.

There could have been more millionaire strip dancers (both male and female) if these strippers focused more on manipulating their clients into spending more on them but they don’t. A real passionate stripper’s greatest wealth is that he/she was able to make the voyeurs happy.

I also think that they could make the flying experience much more joyful if they provided male and female strippers for the fun and entertainment of the passengers.”

This is a blog post that we were sent by someone anonymous. We really appreciate the poster and we are glad that we were able to make our clients so happy.

Some Goan female escorts really live larger than life

I have always believed that the true happiness only comes from being sexually satiated and there is no other way to accomplish the same until an unless you are a melancholic person like Michelangelo or a total science and invention freak like Nikola Tesla.

Although it never personally happened to me but as per the account of several other people, I admit that after a regular sex session, a man enters the state of melancholia but then again you have never tried a tantric sex session otherwise you would never ask for the regular sex as it starts to seem so boring after you have had a session of tantric sex. It is my personal observation that after having tantric sex, a man achieves a state of pure ecstasy, an ecstasy so deep that it cannot ever be defined in words.

There are very few that provide real tantric services but you have got to look for them, I recently discovered a Goa escort agency that also provides tantric massage and other tantric services.

It is also one of my personal observations that the normal sex destroys your penis over time but tantric sex increases its size, strength, stamina and other qualities with the time instead.

Normal escorts and escort services are so monotonous but tantric massage services are quite the opposite.

I recently got very friendly with this one female escort from Goa who told me that the women can tell from far away whether a man has a big cock or not. She also told me that the veterans are heroes to some and villains to others. She told me that the escorts belonging to some agencies in India do not attend veterans as they are very frequent to getting abusive.

What I have concluded over time is that just like you need to have faith in God to be called a religious person, you need to have faith in your escort and escort agency to get the best of them as well.

Another thing that I have noted and observed while availing the services of different female escorts over the years is that the escort agencies that do not believe in rivalry but making friends with the other agencies tend to be the best.

Once they sent me a young Brigitte Bardot lookalike in Goa and I couldn’t be any happier as I am one of the greatest fans of Briggite Bardot.

India is not as poverty stricken as is believe by most of the foreigners, high class Indian female escorts do not dine at the cheap restaurants and they don’t hang around with street punks either. You will not believe it, some of the high class Indian female escorts in Goa even have their own yachts and they wear nothing but designer clothes.

Once I came across this die-hart Kim Wilde fan, again in Goa, who told me that she became an escort for the fun and excitement that comes with becoming one and not to earn her bread as she had already inherited billions of rupees from her maternal grandfather.

This is one of the oldest pieces of writing on the internet regarding Goa escorts written by a real escort freak.